Energy procure

1Circle is a specialist manager of renewable and standard power procurement


Our clients want cheaper and more sustainable electricity supply.

 We consistently exceed our clients expectations using our specialised electricity procurement service that includes:

  • Developing energy supply strategies – how to achieve cheaper energy and move to renewables
  • Single site and portfolio (multi-site) procurement
  • Standard power
  • Renewable power including long-term Power Purchase Agreements and shorter-term Greenpower and other renewable options
  • Single customer and Group buying arrangements



Standard and renewable electricity agreements presents multiple options

There are multiple competitive options for the supply of electricity via the grid that include:

  • Duration/Term: 1-5 years for standard agreements, 1-15 years for renewables
  • Emissions: standard power with emissions and renewable (certified renewable with no greenhouse gas emissions)
  • Variability and structure: fixed price by year, fixed price for all or part of the agreement term

Renewable electricity offers are taken from a greater range of options and as a consequence, have more considerations that impact price, cost risk, perception and relative complexity. 1Circle provides the guidance through these options.


Our process delivers confidence and results

Our five step process consistently delivers excellent outcomes.  A key feature is the care we take to inform and manage expectations of our clients. 

An example is the use of our multi-round procurement to enable stakeholders and ultimate signatories to gain confidence in the outcome of the procurement process.

Refine target outcome including cost, contracting term, renewable outcome, use of on-site solar, risks

Define with clarity present energy use, cost and forecast changes in requirements

Manage multi-round competitive procurement process


Rigorous financial and risk analysis, and support stakeholder decision making through to agreement

Manage the implementation of the agreement including budget updates and bill validation


Single to multi-year standard power and renewable agreements for individual sites and portfolios

1Circle has had the supported organisations achieve a wide range of objectives from their procurement of electricity.

Our client experience ranges from individual sites to large portfolios of single and multiple entities (i.e. group buying) across multiple States and Territories.

Mawsons Quarries | Renewable portfolio

As part of an ongoing relationship, 1Circle executed a transition of Mawson’s major quarries across Victoria and NSW to 100% renewable power in support of their strategy and focus on leading the materials sector.

National Electronics | 100% Renewable

1Circle achieved a highly competitive 100% renewable electricity supply for this organisation.  This outcome was similar to their previous standard power cost and ensured the Greenstar rating for their facility was achieved.

Brisbane Catholic Archdiocese including Brisbance Catholic Education | 100% Renewable

Initially 1Circle consolidated all of the school portfolio into a single arrangement that delivered significant financial and administrative savings.  Subsequently, the electricity supply was extended for the Archdiocese and transitioned to 100% renewable for large and small sites.

Camberwell Grammar | Renewable PPA

1Circle with its’ school partner, GPS, delivered a medium-term retail Power Purchase Agreement for 100% renewable electricity.  This extended the schools credentials from having the largest school solar system in Australian (1GWh generation) to have a highly competitive renewable grid agreement for the remainder of their electricity needs

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