Group power

1Circle is a leader in arranging and achieving collective purchasing of electricity


Achieve cheaper and renewable outcomes for groups and portfolios

We help groups of disparate organisations and/or collectives of related organisations form a single buying group to achieve:

    • Significantly improved buying power e.g. 10 to 20 times that of acting alone
    • Reduced risk
    • Reduced transaction costs
    • Improved knowledge, capacity and confidence
    • Ultimately we find participating organisations gain a cheaper result and a dramatically more confident decision than that of acting alone


Our process delivers confidence and results

In the first instance we form and prepare the group before applying our five step energy procurement process.

Forming the group is fundamental – it establishes the buying power, organisation and focus to achieve best results from the procurement process.

Step 1. Form the Group


We conduct education sessions on the benefits and requirements of Group Buying


Once interest is registered, we appraise the potential of Group Buying for individual organisations and the group as a whole

Sign up

We support organisations in making the decision to participate – and ultimately sign up to the group

Step 2. Competitively procure energy

Refine target outcome including cost, contracting term, renewable outcome, use of on-site solar, risks

Define with clarity present energy use, cost and forecast changes in requirements

Manage multi-round competitive procurement process


Rigorous financial and risk analysis, and support stakeholder decision making through to agreement

Manage the implementation of the agreement including budget updates and bill validation

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