1circle’s approach is to make the complex simple.

As our name suggests our service brings all the elements of buying, selling, distributing, generating (solar) and retailing of electricity into 1circle.

We enable property owners and long-term tenants to reclaim performance and save money for their property.

The benefits from 1circle’s Intelligent Electricity network are cheaper electricity and reduced carbon footprint.  

The benefit to the owner and property manager comes from the proposition of offering tenants cheaper electricity – in-turn reduced operating costs. For some shopping centres we can develop a community electricity offer for tenants that’s harnesses not just the improvements of a more efficient network but the benefits of bulk buying electricity for the whole site.

1circle and its network of specialists can also do repairs, upgrades and installations generally quicker because as your private utility distributor we know exactly how your network operates and what changes will be required to improve its overall performance.

In addition to saving money there are green benefits and marketing opportunities for tenants but the overall goal is to improve the running efficiency of your property portfolio and increase your ROI.

1circle partners with your organisation to ensure these benefits are shared across all your portfolio of properties and then manage the design, installation and provide ongoing support 24/7 for you and your tenants. We supply a managed service and provide customised reports and statements for your utility assets.

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