How to bring it all together in 1circle

1circle’s approach is to make the complex simple.

As our name suggests our service brings all the elements of buying, selling, distributing, generating (solar) and retailing of electricity into 1circle.

We enable property owners and long-term tenants to reclaim performance and save money for their property.

As our name suggests 1circle’s approach is to bring all the different complex components together into one managed service.

Our Smart Utility service applies an integrated and managed service for electricity.  We take responsibility as part of our Private Network management framework for all components, we ensure the lowest cost outcome is achieved, and we sustain these benefits through a single-point-of-contact for all our clients needs.

At the core of our work, is a detailed model that develops an energy strategy for each site.  We model the existing (or forecast for new build) bills and tariffs, impact of new technologies, seasonal weather patterns, and then map that against our own real time data recordings we take on site. The result is an executive report that details the improvement opportunity and what approaches can be taken to reduce the costs and carbon footprint typically by 10-25%.

Following acceptance of the model 1circle implements a fully managed solution so that the owner or property manager has no additional workload and confidence that the local Private Network is managed.

For example, we renegotiate network tariffs and conditions with the Distributor and Council authorities, we return control of the network to the owner, we tender for any bulk-buy and solar opportunities for you and your tenants, and implement network management and efficiency technologies.  1circle also offers finance for all work to ensure no client capital outlay is required.

In summary, under a 1circle private network we transform your forgotten network into a smart network that harnesses the new technology and more efficient practices of a Private Utility, bringing back the optimised benefits of integrating generation, distribution and retail under 1 smart umbrella.

1circle turns your forgotten network into an Intelligent Electricity network.

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