Today's market

1circle’s approach is to make the complex simple.

As our name suggests our service brings all the elements of buying, selling, distributing, generating (solar) and retailing of electricity into 1circle.

We enable property owners and long-term tenants to reclaim performance and save money for their property.

The deregulation of the electricity industry saw the fragmentation of its services.  We now see discrete companies fulfilling: Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Retailing to customers. 

Large customers no longer receive an integrated solution for electricity because of this divide, now they are presented with complex Retail electricity plans that offer little value and poor customer service.  Developers are also tested in their dealings with regional Distribution monopolies in trying to connect their developments to the grid – it’s often slow and costly with no sense of value.

Importantly, the benefits of integration are significant but largely unknown.  They can only be achieved using 1circles’ expertise, processes and solutions.  These opportunities are large enough to gain the synergies of network performance yet remain at an efficient scale to retain operational efficiency.

1circle returns the benefits of integration for large customers e.g. shopping centres, commercial towers, precincts.  1circle’s integrated electricity service takes back control of your electricity network, is more cost effective and energy efficient.  This gives our customer’s an unparallelled ability to reduce the cost of electricity. 

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