Solar Performance

1Circle’s service for planning, procuring and achieving leading performance from commercial solar systems


Achieve electricity cost reduction, transition to renewable power, and value for money from solar

Investing in solar to renewably and more cheaply provide electricity is a logical step for Australian building owners, managers and occupants.

To ensure solar delivers value, we developed a leading planning, procurement and performance management service that:

  • captures a property‘s natural potential through the integration of solar in the design and delivery of buildings
  • sets realistic and accurate financial and renewable energy forecasts that stakeholders can trust
  • ensures generation is maximised
  • gains a competitive outcome from the contractor market
  • ensures investment is fit-for-purpose through correct system sizing
  • drives ongoing performance to realise forecasts and ensure value is achieved


Confidently achieves results

Our process delivers results.  It involves high attention to detail and a passionate focus on fulfilling expectations.

The process is structured over three stages:

  • planning
  • procurement
  • operational performance


Establish solar feasibility and set a business case that stakeholders can trust

  • Define the size, location and timing of installation
  • Assess and recommend the optimum investment method e.g. direct CAPEX, finance, Power Purchase Agreement, special purpose investment vehicle
  • Forecast energy savings and renewable energy benefits using highly accurate and detailed models
  • Assess and advise on applicable and optimal rebate strategies including LGC, STC, VEEC
  • Prepare the business case that maximises investment and sustainability
  • Support stakeholders through review and governance processes


Competitively select a leading contractor and ensure installation excellence 

  • Apply commercial terms, performance and service level standards from extensive experience
  • Manage competitive procurement processes using pre-qualified engineer, procure, construct (EPC) contractors
  • Rigorously evaluate proposals and designs
  • Apply leading practice performance and technical specifications
  • Manage the business case to final contractor selection and approval


Rigorously assess and drive improved performance

  • Implement operational management roles, responsibilities and targets
  • Evaluate contractor reports from operation and maintenance
  • Deliver with PV Perform™ performance tracking and reporting
  • Co-ordinate impact assessments from building works
  • Conduct annual performance agreement reviews with PV Audit™
  • Identify and plan ongoing system expansion and related works e.g. battery, demand response, export management


1Circle heavily invests in continual improvement for our customers

We continually invest in our solar capability to embrace technological developments, the growing maturity of the industry, and manage the inherent complexities of electrical systems.

Our series of advanced tools applied in our Solar Performance service is increasing as we continue to provide a leading commercial solar management service.

Energy Plan™

An award-winning planning and business case decision toolkit

PV Design Guide

Guide for cost effectively integrating solar into new build and refurbishment projects

PPA Perform™

Guidelines to protect client interests when using Power Purchase Agreements (pay-as-you-go) for solar

Solar performance standard

A definition of performance standards that cover all aspects of design, procurement and operational management of solar systems

Weather Stations

We have co-developed with Australia’s leading utility scale solar forecaster (Proa Energy) to provide the ideal weather station for evaluating local solar conditions

PV Perform™

A market-leading performance assessment and tracking service for solar systems

PV Audit™

Our rigorous process for annual performance reviews and initial acquisition of existing systems

Embedded solar

As experts in embedded networks (retail, residential, retirement, industrial), we have commercial, regulatory and practical guides for solar implementation


1Circle heavily invests in continual improvement for our customers

Since 2014 we have been supporting our clients on the evaluation, selection, implementation and ongoing performance management of solar systems.

Our experience covers the range of property sectors including education, commercial, retail, office, and industrial

We partner with consulting engineers and lawyers, and leading specialists including Global Procurement Services (School procure), ProaAnalytics (predictive solar forecasting), and various metering specialists.

Largest school solar

Camberwell Grammar School, 888kW, 1GWh pa, multi-building campus deployment

We partnered with School Procure as the energy lead for the complete solar life cycle from concept and feasibility planning, procurement and subsequent performance management.

Retail portfolio

Queensland Investment Corporation | Global Real Estate portfolio

As the lead energy consultant, we have and continue to support QIC across the solar life cycle including concept planning (new build and retrofit), feasibility assessment, commercial evaluation, procurement and performance.

Multi campus

Ivanhoe Grammar School, dual campus multi-stage deployment

We partnered with School Procure as the energy lead providing the commercial and technical support throughout the planning, procurement and performance evaluation of solar systems.

Estate development

Parklea, strategic planning and solar incentives for land sales

We developed an ESG strategy and detailed plan on the value of providing solar incentives to customers as part of their land purchase.  This was integrated with other aspects of Parklea’s leading customer proposition for new estate home owners

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