1circle - Your Energy Manager


1circle’s approach is to make the complex simple.

As our name suggests our service brings all the elements of buying, selling, distributing, generating (solar) and retailing of electricity into 1circle.

What we do

1circle’s market leading Service uniquely tackles the way electricity is provided, managed as well as bought for new projects and existing portfolios.

In addition we offer bulk-buying services and evaluate new technology solutions such as Solar, Trigeneration or even LEDs.

Assess and harness proven leading technologies (often unfamiliar to Australia) e.g. micro-grid management, critical peak and solar generation, power quality (waste) improvement.

Optimise local electrical networks to gain best network Tariff outcomes. Thereby reducing costs.

Use ruthlessly efficient operating processes and systems to ensure outstanding customer service and sustained benefit.

How we do it

As our name suggests 1circle’s approach is to bring all the different complex components together into one managed service.

Our Smart Utility service applies an integrated and managed service for electricity.  We take responsibility as part of our Private Network management framework for all components, we ensure the lowest cost outcome is achieved, and we sustain these benefits through a single-point-of-contact for all our clients needs.

Today's market

The deregulation of the electricity industry saw the fragmentation of its services. We now see discrete companies fulfilling: Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Retailing to customers.

Large customers no longer receive an integrated solution for electricity because of this divide, now they are presented with complex Retail electricity plans that offer little value and poor customer service. Developers are also tested in their dealings with regional Distribution monopolies in trying to connect their developments to the grid – it is often slow and costly with no sense of value.


The benefits from 1circle’s Intelligent Electricity network are cheaper electricity and reduced carbon footprint.  

The benefit to the owner and property manager comes from the proposition of offering tenants cheaper electricity – in-turn reduced operating costs. For some shopping centres we can develop a community electricity offer for tenants that harnesses not just the improvements of a more efficient network but the benefits of bulk buying electricity for the whole site.

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